In Indian space programme, ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) plays a key role in providing the ground segment for ISRO’s low-earth orbit and interplanetary space missions, Indian regional navigation mission as well as for the launch vehicle missions. In addition to this, it performs design and development of weather radars and offers search and rescue facilities.

Mission Operations Complex
Mission Analysis Room
D32 antenna
ISRO Navigation Center
ISRO Space Science Data Center

About Us

ISTRAC has established Spacecraft Control Centres, TTC Ground Station Networks across the globe, Deep Space Network, Ground Segment for Navigation mission, including one-way ranging stations, two-way CDMA ranging stations and a precise timing facility, Space Science Data Centre among other things. In addition, ISTRAC performs host of other activities including design and development of weather Radars in multiple frequencies, Search and Rescue Operations and hub services for Satellite Communication Networks. ISTRAC also provides TTC support for missions of other space agencies... read more

Quality Policy

To strive for continuous improvement in space operations and provide fault-free services.

Our Director

Shri B N Ramakrishna, is the seventh Director of ISTRAC... read more